L’associazione Utopia Rossa lavora e lotta per l’unità dei movimenti rivoluzionari di tutto il mondo in una nuova internazionale: la Quinta. Al suo interno convivono felicemente – con un progetto internazionalista e princìpi di etica politica – persone di provenienza marxista e libertaria, anarcocomunista, situazionista, femminista, trotskista, guevarista, leninista, credente e atea, oltre a liberi pensatori. Non succedeva dai tempi della Prima internazionale.



domenica 10 marzo 2013

CHÁVEZ, by Roberto Massari

Chávez is dead.  His contribution to the Venezuelan cause and that of Latin American unity has been so personal that it does not seem plausible to offer any hypothesis as to the developments of these processes. Also the historical judgment on this great Bolivarian leader is doomed to remain suspended: contradictions within his government have been many, as many have been his merits and mistakes. For that reason, we think it justified to present as an obituary, the closing words of our book on Chávez from the autumn of 2005… Yes, 2005, when the Bolivarian process reached its apex and also started its decline. Let us remember that most of the interrogations displayed in the last page of that book have remained unanswered, and that is precisely the most sincere homage we can pay to this outstanding fighter. That is why we re-publish that page:
«Here we are, this is what Chávez is, and much more. A political leader gifted with great courage and human bearing. But also a brave and foresighted soldier. A father-husband in love with his own family, but also able to make jokes about his own presumable fascination on the female world: a world he knew how to get involved in the revolutionary process.
A populist? In his own manner, yes: in the social program, in his political ascriptions (Perón, Velasco, etc.), in his way of behaving among the people, in the skillful use of television.

A revolutionary nationalist, an anti-imperialist fighter? Yes, as long as we add “Bolivarian”.
A Marxist? No. A communist? No. A future bureaucrat? We hope not.
A revolutionary humanist? Perhaps, but hardly so and only at the beginning of that ideal process of maturation in political and existential terms which I have described in my book about Guevara. And power, unfortunately, does not make this sort of process any easier.
One more myth for the Left? Probably.
A strong personalization of power? Unfortunately, yes.
An honest man still in search of something? Yes, and this could be the most important element, which makes it worthwhile to go on studying the political deeds of this last in a long list of South American Quixotes, to go on contributing to the effort of his people and to continue to value his experience.»
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RED UTOPIA ROJA – Principles / Principios / Princìpi / Principes / Princípios

a) The end does not justify the means, but the means which we use must reflect the essence of the end.

b) Support for the struggle of all peoples against imperialism and/or for their self determination, independently of their political leaderships.

c) For the autonomy and total independence from the political projects of capitalism.

d) The unity of the workers of the world - intellectual and physical workers, without ideological discrimination of any kind (apart from the basics of anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism and of socialism).

e) Fight against political bureaucracies, for direct and councils democracy.

f) Save all life on the Planet, save humanity.

(January 2010)

* * *

a) El fin no justifica los medios, y en los medios que empleamos debe estar reflejada la esencia del fin.

b) Apoyo a las luchas de todos los pueblos contra el imperialismo y/o por su autodeterminación, independientemente de sus direcciones políticas.

c) Por la autonomía y la independencia total respecto a los proyectos políticos del capitalismo.

d) Unidad del mundo del trabajo intelectual y físico, sin discriminaciones ideológicas de ningún tipo, fuera de la identidad “anticapitalista, antiimperialista y por el socialismo”.

e) Lucha contra las burocracias políticas, por la democracia directa y consejista.

f) Salvar la vida sobre la Tierra, salvar a la humanidad.

(Enero de 2010)

* * *

a) Il fine non giustifica i mezzi, ma nei mezzi che impieghiamo dev’essere riflessa l’essenza del fine.

b) Sostegno alle lotte di tutti i popoli contro l’imperialismo e/o per la loro autodeterminazione, indipendentemente dalle loro direzioni politiche.

c) Per l’autonomia e l’indipendenza totale dai progetti politici del capitalismo.

d) Unità del mondo del lavoro mentale e materiale, senza discriminazioni ideologiche di alcun tipo (a parte le «basi anticapitaliste, antimperialiste e per il socialismo.

e) Lotta contro le burocrazie politiche, per la democrazia diretta e consigliare.

f) Salvare la vita sulla Terra, salvare l’umanità.

(Gennaio 2010)

* * *

a) La fin ne justifie pas les moyens, et dans les moyens que nous utilisons doit apparaître l'essence de la fin projetée.

b) Appui aux luttes de tous les peuples menées contre l'impérialisme et/ou pour leur autodétermination, indépendamment de leurs directions politiques.

c) Pour l'autonomie et la totale indépendance par rapport aux projets politiques du capitalisme.

d) Unité du monde du travail intellectuel et manuel, sans discriminations idéologiques d'aucun type, en dehors de l'identité "anticapitaliste, anti-impérialiste et pour le socialisme".

e) Lutte contre les bureaucraties politiques, et pour la démocratie directe et conseilliste.

f) Sauver la vie sur Terre, sauver l'Humanité.

(Janvier 2010)

* * *

a) O fim não justifica os médios, e os médios utilizados devem reflectir a essência do fim.

b) Apoio às lutas de todos os povos contra o imperialismo e/ou pela auto-determinação, independentemente das direcções políticas deles.

c) Pela autonomia e a independência respeito total para com os projectos políticos do capitalismo.

d) Unidade do mundo do trabalho intelectual e físico, sem discriminações ideológicas de nenhum tipo, fora da identidade “anti-capitalista, anti-imperialista e pelo socialismo”.

e) Luta contra as burocracias políticas, pela democracia directa e dos conselhos.

f) Salvar a vida na Terra, salvar a humanidade.

(Janeiro de 2010)